crane's garden

welcome inside!

garden log

1.30 - grr layouts.
1.29 - i'm going to take it easy for today since the week's started again. formatting is my sworn enemy.
1.29 - new theme lol
1.28 - im going to sleep now. hope i can work on it tmr. ill get my homepage presentable and then ill work on the actual content -v-
1.28 - i figured out how to compress images from mb to kb yippee! freeconvert is good. i will have to look more into how containers work tho. resizing the screen is very wonky. i cant wait to actually start my webcomics :)
1.28 - today i am feeling very tired. i am trying to figure out how to compress images, since i plan to upload a lot of them. i was hoping i could get more done but it all feels very overwhelming.
1.27 - got a lot done today :)
1.27 - Site creation. outline for site projects created. working on: homepage. ahhhhh formatting ahhh.


- page for different webcomics
- art gallery
- things i've watched page!
- birds and flowers identification


- add button to link to profile page
- add rant log
- make site pretty
- reformat content containers
- add images for comic
- create recipe page